Virginia Sex Violation Conviction Attorney Loudoun County

Defendant was required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-902(B)(1) after he was convicted of nine violations of Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-386.1 because he had accumulated at least three convictions of § 18.2-386.1 and the contemporaneousness of his convictions was not a bar to enforcement of the registration requirement.

Virginia Sex Violation Conviction Attorney Loudoun County

Virginia Sex Violation Conviction Attorney

Prosecution of Child Pornography is on the rise in Virginia

Frequently, innocent possession or receipts of images are being prosecuted by federal prosecutors & state prosecutors in Virginia.

If you have been charged with Child Pornography in Virginia, contact the SRIS Law Group Virginia Child Pornography defense attorneys.

Our Virginia Child Pornography defense lawyers defend cases in both the federal courts of Virginia & the state courts of Virginia.

The VA Child Pornography defense lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to defend you against these types of charges.

We have client meeting locations in Fairfax, Richmond, Lynchburg, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach & Manassas.

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