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Virginia Child Pornography Lawyers Possession Prohibited Images

Virginia Child Pornography Lawyers Possession Prohibited Images

Minolta v. Commonwealth


Defendant’s landlord called police after he saw an image of a partially clad young girl on defendant’s computer’s screen saver. He also found numerous computer printouts of stories involving sexual activity by juveniles. A police officer testified that he found three sexually explicit visual images, involving juveniles, in the temporary Internet file of defendant’s computer cache. Defendant argued he could not be convicted of knowingly possessing these images, as they could have appeared on his computer screen as “pop-ups” from a website other than one he intentionally accessed, and because none of those images were “manually” downloaded into the computer.

Virginia Child Pornography Lawyers

Virginia Child Pornography Lawyers

  • Whether for the purpose of child pornography possession statute, possession means reaching out for and controlling the prohibited images?

This court held that for the purposes of the child pornography possession statute, possession means reaching out for and controlling the prohibited images. This court held that defendant’s Internet searches, which included the terms “Lolitas,” (commonly used in the search for child pornography), “pedophelia,” and “pre-teen pictures,” along with his knowing possession of another child pornography image that had to be manually downloaded, showed that he reached out for these images with the intent to control and have dominion over them.


This court found defendant guilty as charged and referred him for a pre-sentence investigation and report.

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