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18.2-374.1 Code Virginia Production Child Pornography Fairfax Prince William Richmond Beach Loudoun

Call us if you have been charged with production of child pornography pursuant to 18.2-374.1 in Virginia – 888-437-7747 [...]

Virginia Evidence Absence Rape Attorney Fairfax County

Defendant could not be convicted as accessory to rape in the absence of evidence that principal committed rape. Innocent agent rule was anti [...]

Virginia Rape Forcible Sodomy Convicted Lawyers Richmond City

Defendant was properly convicted of attempted rape and forcible sodomy because sexual battery was not a lesser-included offense of both crim [...]

Virginia Assault Rape Conviction Attorney Stafford County

Conviction of defendants for assault with intent to commit rape upon young girl was proper because if fact regarding particulars of time, pl [...]

Virginia Sex Offender Treatment Probation Violation Lawyers Richmond County

A trial court did not err in finding that defendant violated his probation by refusing to admit that he committed the charged crime during c [...]

Virginia Sex Violation Conviction Attorney Loudoun County

Defendant was required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-902(B)(1) after he was convicted of nine violations of [...]

Virginia Sex Offender Registration Minor Solicitation Lawyers Fairfax County

Trial court did not err in requiring defendant to register as sex offender pursuant to Va. Code Ann. § 9.1-902(A)(2) based on defendantR [...]

Virginia Child Pornography Material Felony Offense Loudoun County Attorneys

Despite defendant’s claim that the child pornography material he was convicted of possessing was either created or last accessed at a [...]


Charged with Sex crime offense in Virginia – contact us at 888-437-7747. [...]

Virginia Fornication Defense Fairfax Richmond Beach Lynchburg Manassas Fredericksburg

Charged with Sex crime offense in Virginia – contact us at 888-437-7747. [...]
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