Sex Offense Sentencing In Virginia – Sex Offender Therapists in Felony Sex Cases

What difference can an attorney make in a sex crimes case in Virginia after a plea is entered?

What steps can an attorney in Virginia take to help a client during the sentencing phase of a sex crimes case?

Nobody wants to be convicted of a crime, let alone a serious felony which could result in an extended period of incarceration. When you are charged with a [sexual offense involving a minor], it is absolutely crucial that you find an attorney who has experience in your jurisdiction. These kinds of cases present complex issues for both the prosecution and defense, and your attorney should be familiar with these challenges.

Sex Offense Sentencing In Virginia

Sex Offense Sentencing In Virginia

It’s also important for your attorney to understand the process of sentencing in these kinds of cases. In Virginia, after an individual is found guilty of a felony offense, courts routinely ask that a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report be completed and submitted for review. Among other things, these reports include a defendant’s “sentencing guidelines” – a range of punishment within which a court’s sentence often falls.

But these sentencing guidelines are not at all mandatory, and judges are free to go above or below the guideline range depending on the particular facts of a case. That’s where we come in. Though we fight for our clients at every stage of the criminal process, we have enough experience to know that some will inevitably be found guilty. Others will choose to plead guilty based on the facts of their case. At Sris Law Group, P.C., we recognize that our responsibility to the client doesn’t stop after the client is found guilty or enters a plea. The sentencing hearing is often the last chance to advocate for a client, and our attorneys are passionate about the opportunity.

Our firm has working relationships with a number of therapists and counselors in our jurisdictions. Some of these therapists are specialists in the area of sex crimes. We routinely enlist the assistance of these specialists in meeting with and evaluating our clients. In some cases, we actually have the therapists come to court and testify on behalf of our clients. We believe this testimony is incredibly helpful to a judge in crafting a fair and appropriate sentence.

If you’ve been charged with a felony offense in Virginia, give us a call. We offer no cost phone consultations as we figure out the best way to move forward with your case.

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