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Defending Sex Crime Charges In Virginia

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Prostitution is also legal in many parts of the word or at least in most countries, the law turns a blind eye towards those who make a living by engaging in prostitution.

Prostitution Virginia Solicitation Defense Lawyer

Prostitution Virginia Solicitation Defense Lawyer

In the United States, prostitution is illegal in almost every state. If a person in Virginia, offers to, agrees to or engages in a sexual act for compensation, then the person has broken the law in Virginia. The magic words necessary for the Virginia police to charge you with prostitution is “SEX & MONEY”. In Virginia, the following people can be charged with the crime of prostitution. The person who provides the service of prostitution known commonly as the prostitute, the person who pays for the services of the prostitute, commonly referred to as the “john” and any middleman, commonly referred to as the “pimp“. The alleged prostitute in Virginia is charged with prostitution. The “john” in Virginia will be charged with solicitation of prostitution. The “pimp” in Virginia will be charged with pandering. In Virginia, even certain acts of facilitating prostitution can be charged as felony.

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